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Remember the Milkman? He's Back!
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Remember the Milkman?
Daily News

Well, we're here once again celebrating another great year with our Loyal Milk2you customers. 2015 brings us new products, new programs, and even better Values. Check in often!

Suggestion Box...New!
With all the new products out there being introduced, Milk2you invites you to use our website and send us suggestions for products you would like to see on your menus. We listen & you win!

Winter Favorites:
Big 5 Meat Pizza along with our Breakfast Pizza, Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast, Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breat, Cordon Bleu Crusted Chicken Breast, BBQ & Lemon Pepper Whole Chickens. Also try our PepperJax Sirlion and Chicken Steaks.

WE HAVE "HOT CHOCOLATE" IN THE K-CUPS !! Milk2you carries the top K-CUP flavors. Call and we will email you out a menu copy of flavors!
Milk2You.com is a service that saves you time, effort and aggravation by delivering a variety of the freshest, highest quality milk and related products to you at home every week. Milk2You.com products are the ones you rely on daily.

They are the ones you run out of first. They are the ones you might never again have to "run to the store" for! Remember "the Milkman?" He's back!

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